I wouldn’t use any other plumbing company. Having an older home we have had several situations that have needed urgent attention – from sewer back-ups, fixing a gas leak to replacing a hot water heater. The technician was very knowledgeable and handled every situation with much professionalism and excellence. I feel I can fully trust Alpha Omega with all my plumbing needs.
- Nancie Clark, Dallas, TX

Words can not express our thanks. I wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a blessfull New Year. God has truly sent us an angel in disguise. God Bless!
- Michelle and Tina, Cedar Hill, TX

Larry Soria was friendly, knowledgeable, and above all extremely professional. He quickly identified my problem, explained the situation, answered all my questions and fixed the problem more simply and inexpensively than I had expected.
- Troy M, Irving, TX

The guys were very professional and they were able to repair our leak in a matter of a few short hours. The ability to know, up front, what we could expect and their willingness to jump into the task immediately was what made us go with Alpha Omega. We will be recommending you guys to anyone I can who needs a plumber and truly appreciate the amazing service. We will be calling you for future plumbing needs we may have.
– Hunter and Terri P, Irving, TX

Thank you so much for installing our tankless water heater. Our tankless supplies one entire wing of our home, this includes all three bathrooms for our six children, the laundry room and our kitchen, which has two dishwashers. We are heating water for one reason or another all day. We never lack for hot water, even while taking three showers, running the washing machine and two dishwashers all at the same time. Believe me, we’ve tried! Plus, in an age of ever increasing natural gas prices the fuel efficiency is tops. Thanks again for improving our lives!
– Stephen P. MD, Dallas, TX

Much to my surprise they showed up on time Sunday evening, and fixed my problem for less than I expected. Your plumber was friendly, thoughtful and extremely understanding of my concerns, he made me feel that everything would be OK and it was. I wanted to thank you for having people like Larry Soria working for you. He made me feel that he really cared about what I was going through and treated me like a friend.
– John M, Dallas, Tx

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*Does not apply to diagnostic fee.